Free ideas


Of all the reactions to the super bowl ads, the most interesting to me by far was the backlash to the Martin Luther King Jr Ram spot. Putting my cards on the table: the backlash delighted me. Brands do this kind of nonsense all the time, using altruism as window dressing for their wares. What’s…

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Drones and Sharks – Free Big Idea #2

Last week’s post got shared way beyond our expectations (thanks for that), which means it’s time to squander our momentum by scaling our ambitions way, way back. Not really. But we do want to show that not every cause campaign has to be on a multimillion dollar, planet-altering scale to be interesting. It just has…

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Hey Orkin – Free Big Idea #1

So if you’ve poked around on our site much, you may have noticed a small disconnect. Actually, it’s a big disconnect. There is a sizable gap between the work we talk about being interested in and the type of work we’ve actually done. We’ve done some great work for nonprofits, one in particular we’re especially…

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