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We have decades of experience both in building national brands and in non-profit marketing. Now we’re combining those two different skillsets into one new venture.

Matt Bull
Matt Bull
Co-founder / Creative Director

Matt Bull was once called “an advertising folk hero” by a (presumably) drunk adweek writer. He has developed national brand campaigns for major advertisers like Gamestop, metroPCS, The Home Depot, and Summer’s Eve, and has worked extensively in the non-profit sector on African water and sanitation campaigns, as well as environmental, medical and mental health initiatives. His work in high-level branding and non-profit messaging has given him insight into how brands can stand out from the growing noise of dogooderism by applying the rules of branding to cause marketing. Something, in his opinion, too few brands are doing. Read more about Matt and Kickstand here.

Bo Bartlett
Bo Bartlett
Co-founder / Chief Technologist

If Bo Bartlett had hair, the world would be full of easily dozens of dope and totally unprecedented hairstyles, because that’s just the kind of instinctive envelope-pushing Bo does automatically. He is currently building both an arduino-controlled automatic chicken coop door and an arduino-controlled automatic beer-keg-washing system. For fun. We mention those details instead of diving into his tenure as IT guru and head coder at various for-profit and nonprofit companies and the United States Bankruptcy Court because they are more representative of the unrepresentable inner quality of the guy.

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