Coalition For A New Dallas

Dawn Of A New Dallas

A group of urban planners, activists and community organizers formed a PAC with an audacious goal: tearing down a major elevated highway in the heart of Dallas. Why? To help restore and reconnect neighborhoods destroyed generations ago.

Their pitch was solid, chock full of wonky traffic stats and cost/benefit analyses on rebuilding aging elevated highways. But it lacked an emotional connection to the people living in and around the neighborhoods they were seeking to restore.

Kickstand concepted, wrote and supervised pre-production, production and post-production of ‘Dawn Of A New Dallas’, a high-level look at how tearing out a highway could improve the quality of life for the residents of Dallas. It’s been viewed by more people than voted in the last municipal election. The results so far? A few months ago, a major city politician was rumored to have called the i345 teardown “the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard.” Now, it’s being discussed as a viable option at City Hall. We’ll take it.

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