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Who is Kickstand?

Capabilities & Case Studies

Kickstand helps brands hit above their weight class

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Our Work

Ted's Pain Cream

And have grown them from launch (on a tiny startup budget) to a multi-million-dollar company.

A university neuroscientist discovered a new strategy for treating pain topically. He hired Kickstand to bring it to market.

  • We named them.
  • We branded them.
  • We designed their packaging.
  • Will built their ecommerce site.
  • We wrote, created and shot photography for all their ads.
  • We made a video ad that got praised in AdWeek, and won us Judge’s Choice at the Addys.
  • We managed their digital ad placement.
  • Their Google strategy.
  • Their Amazon strategy.
  • Literally everything.

Soap for South Sudan

In 2014, following the Sudanese Civil War, refugees flooded into the newly created nation of South Sudan. Food, water, and sanitation quickly became scarce. Fearing a cholera outbreak, the World Health Organization asked non-profits with any local presence to help bring food, water and sanitation as quickly as possible. One of those non-profits approached Kickstand for help on their emergency mission to prevent an estimated 50,000 deaths. Their task: distribute as much soap as possible as quickly as possible. They had the infrastructure. They had the boots on the ground. They needed a message and a website. Oh and they needed it up, very literally, tomorrow. With their web designer on standby, they asked us if we could get them messaging that day. We said yes. The next day, the site was live. And over the weekend, it went viral. People sent so much money for soap that it became a storage problem. And in the end, through the efforts of our client and the other aid organizations responsible for food, water, and medical care, it worked. WHO Predicted deaths before Soap for South Sudan: 50,000 WHO reported deaths after Soap for South Sudan: 24

We Happy Few

A strange, crowd funded indie game was about to launch on all major platforms. Gearbox Publishing hired Kickstand to help them see if they could make a niche product succeed with a wider audience. It’s a little hard to explain without showing you, so here’s a 60 second video we made outlining our approach. (play) (skip to the punchline) Through creative strategy and messaging, we generated a ton of online coverage and discussion, leading to We Happy Few becoming the second-best-selling game In the country its launch week. It also made us the only agency in Texas (or anywhere not on the coasts, for that matter) to win a Clio at the Entertainment Clios. And we won two. Among winners from Brazil, Toyko, London, Berlin and the Netherlands.

Penn & Teller VR

The legendary duo was bringing their brand of off-beat, prank-based magic to VR headsets everywhere. Who better to advertise the game than another off-beat duo? We worked alongside Penn & Teller themselves, their manager, the game developer and publisher to create a range of concepts that hit the brief. In the end, two concepts were selected for production. And, most exciting for us, one of those concepts was built around an actual cause. If you want to know what kind of cause could possibly make sense for a VR game from a Las Vegas magic act, well, you’ll have to watch. And there you go. So far, the campaign has been viewed 300,000 times and already lead to vaccinating over 13,000 kids.

Whew. We’re done.

In all sincerity, if this is the kind of work (and results) that appeals to you, we’d love to figure out how we can work together.

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