Work Sample for Gearbox

Gamestop - Transformers: War for Cybertron

This Gamestop ad from my Richards Group tenure is best with a little explanation. This was the first Transformers game to go back to the original 80s cartoon as its inspiration. We went for pure fan service and got the license to the Stan Bush song that played during Optimus Prime's murder at the hands of Megatron in the animated movie from 1986 (a seriously traumatic event for fans from that era).

The ad was a huge hit and set the preorder record for all Gamestop promoted titles.

Summer's Eve - Cat On A Jet


Another ad I did at the Richards Group, this one an unbranded viral play for Summer's Eve. The original video was closing in on a million views before the end of that campaign.

Coalition for a New Dallas


And here's a video we did as Kickstand. We figured we should throw something all sincere and shit in here to, you know, show range. Also, this is the only project we've been a part of that actually changed an election outcome, albeit locally.

Chicken Scratch


Here's an adweek writeup about that billboard I did that made the front page of reddit. For a fried chicken joint in Oak Cliff.

Selected Cause Work


Since you guys seem interested in our cause marketing thoughts, here are a couple things we've done.

This was a super-fast website built over a weekend to meet an emergency need in South Sudan.

And for the kind of thinking we're most interested in, here's our favorite Imaginary Case Study.


Thanks for looking

Those were a few things that felt relevant. Feel free to ask for other work (plenty of radio, print, online, etc in the archives) if you'd like to see more.

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