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Hyperspace drive online.

Embark upon a journey to settle an unexplored galaxy in this adventure that will require every bit of your wit. Acquire resources, engage enemies, forge pacts, and lead your fleet in a new Homeworld odyssey.

Recruit officers, upgrade your fleet, and experience true 3D real time strategy on mobile like never before.

Decades since the original exodus and rediscovery of their Homeworld, the Hiigaran people have overcome trials and galactic foes to finally bring forth an era of peace and prosperity. The Hiigarans now look beyond the Whirlpool Galaxy as they look to explore and settle an uncharted universe through the Hyperspace Gates.

Choose one of many factions of the Space Fleet belonging to the Hiigaran Navy as you embark upon missions to explore the outer reaches of the universe in search of resources and new friends or old foes. Compete against or form alliances with fellow settlers from different factions as you chase the trail of the Progenitors. Will you search for archaic clues as a researcher of the S'jet, bring glory and prove your might as a proud member of the Soban, or find a place to call home as the outcast Kiithless?

Engage upon truly dynamic realtime strategy and combat as you control spaceship carriers, interceptors, and destroyers to outmanuever opponents and employ tactics to gain the upper hand.

Key Features

  • Dynamic 3D RTS Combat

    Maneuver your ships in realtime, select and deselect individual units to adjust formations or focus targetting, and engage missiles and lasers to bring down enemies with intuitive free reign controls.

  • An Epic Adventure Beyond Galaxies

    Explore rich lore from generations of award winning titles with voiceovers in an atmospheric trek through the legendary Homeworld universe

  • Truly MMO

    Form alliances or compete against fleet commanders from all over the world with co-operation gameplay modes and large scale initiatives.

  • Next Gen Graphics

    Exceptional visual attention to 3D detail and clarity that will fully utilize your mobile device's capabilities

Coming soon to iOS and Android devices